The Nexus Between African Religious Belief and African Traditional Medicine

The Nexus Between African Religious Belief and African Traditional Medicine

Josephine Ngozi Akah

Department of Religion, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria



Africa, Divination, Healthcare system, Religion, Traditional medicine.





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Page No:65-71
Volume:5, Issue 2, 2024
Trends in Natural Products Research
Copy Right: NAPREG


The complex link between African traditional medicine (ATM) and African religious belief—a relationship that is ingrained in the spiritual and cultural fabric of African societies—is examined in this paper. The research explores the holistic view of health that is characteristic of traditional medicine, which links social, spiritual, and physical well-being. In order to address health difficulties, traditional healers use a combination of medicinal herbs, ceremonies, and divination. They play a crucial role as mediators between the spiritual and physical realms. The review also looked at the role that ancestors’ spirits play in healing and the sacredness of medical knowledge that is passed down through the generations in certain societies. The difficulties and disputes associated with integrating traditional medicine with contemporary healthcare systems are also covered, including challenges with sustainability, rules, and moral conundrums. By means of an extensive examination, this research endeavours to illuminate the intricate workings of traditional medicine and religion in Africa, providing discernments into their capacity to augment holistic health and welfare.